One is Dongguan Jabil first assets!

This is entered Dongguan Jabil first eye can see the slogan, this also is Dongguan Jabil Circuit can be developed to today's scale team guidance idea, we honor "is the first productivity", this is our management faith, therefore, Dongguan Jabil respect every Jabil people.
A, inspire individuals to achieve working atmosphere
- happy and efficient work atmosphere
Create the human environment and the natural environment harmonious warm working atmosphere pays attention to the Dongguan Jabil office; happy to advocate efficient work idea, never shirk their responsibility, willing to undertake together is Dongguan Jabil unique work style, to create atmosphere of work is the realization of individual value.

- legitimate scientific compensation system

Dongguan Jiepu since its inception, abide by the law, integrity management, focus on win-win situation of individual and enterprise management thought; to salary, paid to the results of efficiency, at the same time, both the internal equity, justice, public examination and external proper competitiveness. The dominant ideology implement, make Dongguan Jiepu in keeping the development of fast and robust case, the compensation level is always in a high level of industry and area.
The welfare system, promoting long-term work in Dongguan Jabil
Dongguan Jiepu welfare consideration to various needs of employees, the purchase of state regulations for eligible employees of insurance, at the same time, according to the actual situation, dining, car, training, tourism and other welfare benefits for employees.
The company has performed the systematic management of corporate welfare, regularly review and update of the salary and welfare programmes, to continue to motivate employees and return them to the company's contribution, promoting long-term work in Dongguan jabil.

- the pursuit of personal realization of career
Personal development is the cornerstone of the development of the company to improve enterprise management concept, a fair, open, impartial choosing and using the promotion mechanism of people; only virtuous is held to promote the management personnel, set up a development stage to display their talent to the career development of employees; the construction of the staff career development platform of the system; the introduction of ability model, and the system of training provides direction and guidance to the staff's career. At the same time, the company focused on improving staff comprehensive ability, and set up a series of management training for staff, strive to become the pillars of Dongguan Jabil culture human enterprise, society.

- excitation of individual enterprise performance management system
Dongguan Jiepu performance management system set up in the PDCA (planning, implementation, inspection, improve the above). Through the PDCA management model, so that all staff have the plan to carry out according to the set goals and work standards, to ensure that every thing to achieve the goals, and constantly improve the level of work.
Performance management of Dongguan Jabil focuses on results as the value orientation, and tries to establish a kind of self motivation, self management, self - restraint mechanism, at the same time, with the PDCA upgrade their personal and work goal, ultimately achieve organization goals.