Jiepu design center with advanced research and development conditions, the introduction of the advanced technology and equipment, such as professional precision blade hit a two-dimensional version of the machine and laser making machine, you can quickly manufacture samples. Jabil design team to establish an effective incentive mechanism to attract high-end research and development of technology professionals in the industry to the corporate design center, enhance the cohesion of the scientific and technical personnel and research and development services and technology incubators and radiation function, design centers, each capable of undertaking within the company at other levels of technology development organizations systematic guidance, advice, evaluation services, to promote the long-term research and development and product design and commercialization closely integrated, truly for customers to shorten the project process, reducing the production of human input to R & D control product quality, enhance competitiveness! The only thing to do is notify the customer shipments.

R & D and design center services leading

  Jiepu has a strong R & D design team, from concept, design, drawing, sample the finished product can be done to provide one-stop services.
  Design Center using advanced computer software to plot design, we can visualize the guests product concepts. A large number of customers to shorten product development time. In addition, we continue to explore new materials and new technologies, and study the plasticity of various materials and structures, and then make recommendations to the guests, and to identify the most appropriate product cost control, the most comprehensive production program as well as the most accurate way to control product quality, and strive to create a guest can meet the market tastes, new product stand out from the competition.

Looking to the future

  Jiepu Design Center is not a purely technical organization whose function is the strategic high ground positioning Wang Ying technological innovation system and support the core business of long-term healthy development, the formation of market-oriented, fully mobilize internal resources, extensive use of external resources to run open mechanism, and the formation of rational decision-making procedures, programs and project management procedures.